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We will carry on exploring the alternative spellings of the phoneme /ai/ today! 


First, have a go at refreshing your memory. How many graphemes from phase 5 can you read? Follow the link below and then be sure to select 'Phase 5 a'. 

Now, watch the video that we watched yesterday again! This is just to get your brains working ready for your activity!

ai ae ay ei eigh a - Phonics Alternative Spellings

I would now like you to look at the picture below! Read the sentences and decide which is the correct spelling of the words underlined (containing the /ai/ sound). Write out the sentences in your books, only using the correct spelling! 

Keep up the good work! 

Finally, listen to the voice recording below and write out the sentence that you hear me say! 

Sentence for you to write!

Don't forget to think about what punctuation should go at the end of this sentence!