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Before you learn anything new today, I would like you to have another go at 'Train your brain' but this time for the tricky words 'some', 'come', 'here' and 'who'.

Follow the link below and make sure you select these words! 

Today, we are going to explore the alternative spellings for the phoneme /c/. 

Watch the video below to see the different ways!

Please start the video from 10:40. You do not need to watch the first 10 minutes! 

Phase 5 Alternative Spellings for /c/

Have a listen to my sound recording below! I would like you to write the words down. I have left some time between each word for you to write them down! 

Words for you to write!

Now, have a go at writing the words to match the pictures below! I have also included the answers. 

You don't need to print out the sheet, just simply write the words in your book!