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Miss Reynolds' Phonics Group

Good morning. It is Mrs.Howarth here! Each morning I am going to set your phonics activity. I hope you enjoy this morning’s phonics activity! If you have any problems, questions or concerns about the phonics work, please don’t hesitate to contact me via Dojo.

Today's Phonics focus is new learning for Alternative Pronunciation 'g'


1. Let’s get your brains warmed up with flash card speed trial. Click on the link below.

2. Now watch the video - Alternative pronunciations 'g'

Today you are going to practise alternative pronunciation for 'g'. Remember alternative pronunciation means that a letter can say more than 1 sound when we read it. Todays letter is 'g' but it can say 2 different sounds - 'g', or 'jee' depending upon the word it is in. Watch the video to find out more. You can start from 3:30

3. Now have a go at the alternative pronunciation 'g' worksheet (below)


Section 1 – Next to each word write which sound ‘g’ says, write either g or jee?

Section 2 – Read the sentence. I have circled letters which can have alternative pronunciation. What sound does the letter say? Write it in the circle.

Section 3 – Just like the sentence above, read the sentence, but this time you put a circle around any letters which can have alternative pronunciation (can say a different sound). Draw an arrow and a bubble. In your bubble write the sound the letter can say.

Section 4 – Write a caption (a sentence that explains the picture) for the picture. It must have at least one word with our alternative pronunciation ‘g’.

Worksheet Alternative pronunciation 'g'

There is no expectation to print any of the sheets. You can print, write onto the sheet on your device, write onto a piece of paper, or in a work book and send a picture, or simply spell the words/sentences onto dojo and send. Do whichever work’s best for you.