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Before we learn anything new, I would like you to have a go at the flashcard game (link below). It is important that we revise our sounds from Phase 3 now that we are on Phase 4 (you should be so proud of yourselves!)


Follow the link below, press 'start', select 'Phase 3', create your scene and go!

Watch the video below! You will need a pencil and some paper as I would really like to have a go at what the teacher in the video asks you to! 


Pause the video as many times as you need to to write the words/sentences that he asks you to!

(Don't worry that he says Year 1, different phases are explored in all KS1 classes)

Phonics Phase 4 Week 01 Day 2 CVCC words - spell

Now, have a go at this activity in your books!