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Mrs Howarth's Phonics Group

This week, we are going to continue looking at alternative pronunciations! You all worked so hard with this last week, so keep it up! The activities are going to be very similar, just to make it easy for you so that you always know what you are doing! 


First, I would like you to have a go at the game 'Rocket Rescue'. When you follow the link, I would like you to select 'Phase 4' and practice spelling those phase 4 sounds! You can look at the picture or press the 'replay' button to hear the word you need to spell!

Now, have a watch of the video below! Today, you focus is on the alternative pronunciation of /g/. 

Phase 5 Phonics: Alternative pronunciation 'u'

Now, just like last week, you are going to be sorting some words! 

Have a go at sorting the words below into two different columns like this:


'u' sound as in 'under' 'u' sound as in 'unit;     

Finally, have a go at reading this sentence to an adult:


Will a stupid human get stuck in a pudding if they eat it sitting on a muddy cushion?