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Today, you focus is going to be the alternative pronunciations for the digraph 'ow'. A digraph is when two letters make one sound! 


First, I would like you to have a go at playing 'make a match' with the Phase 4 sounds!! If you need to log in, the username is jan21 and the password is home

Now, watch this video to learn about today's focus! Remember to engage with the activities. You may need a pencil and some paper!

Phase 5 Phonics: Alternative pronunciation 'ow' digraph

It's time for another word sort! 

Place the words below into the correct columns in your books! Remember to say them out loud if you get stuck! It helps if we can hear it. 

'ow' as in 'cow'. 'ow' as in 'snow'.


Now, have a go at reading this sentence to an adult:


Is a brown owl at the window?