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You are moving onto something new in Phonics today! Looking at alternative pronunciations of graphemes that you already know and have learned! 

An alternative pronunciation is a different way of saying a certain grapheme. 


Today's focus, is the alternative pronunciation of the 'i' grapheme. 

Give the video below a watch! When the teacher in the video asks you to write anything down or read anything, then please do this as it is so important!

Phase 5 Phonics: Alternative pronunciations 'i'

Now, I would like you to have a look at all of the words below! 

Your job is to read these words, and sort them into 2 different sections in your books! 

You can do this by setting it out like this and listing the words in the correct columns. Please write this out in your books!

making the 'i' sound as in 'fin'. 

making the 'I' sound as in 'mild'.




Now, have a go at reading this sentence to an adult:


Remind me to stick things in my mind.