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100% attendance

This term nearly 40% of the school have never missed a session of their learning. We are really impressed with this attendance which is helping children to make greater progress.

In Year 6 well done to Rachel, Millie, Callum, James, Katie F, Aimee, Emmanuel, McKenzie, Isobel and Jess S

In Year 5 congratulations to Charlie, Candone, Harry, Liam, Tomas, Honey and Zachary for never missing a session.

Year 4 have the best attendance in school with half the class never having missed a session. Well done to Charlie, Jasmine, James, Zach, Olivia D, Aidan, Matthew, Olivia G, Kian, Koby, Olivia N, Amanda, Harrison, Hannah, Hannah, Lydia.

In Year 3 well done Alice, Fraser, Andrew, Harmony, Ella and Anna for being in school all the time.

Fantastic attendance in year 2. Congratulations to Faith, Sam, Harry, Chloe, Liam, Daniel, Emily, Ben, Laura, Rio, Roxanne, Kyan, Scarlett and Elizabeth.

Well done in year 1 to Ben A-Y, Jorja, Harrison, Massimo, Maximus, Sajaanan, Georgina, Aston, Toby and Oscar W our 100%ers

Well done in Reception class to Jude, Daniel, Finlay, Annabelle, Niamh, Bradley, Kate, Sophia, Freya and Darcey for their 100% attendance.