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Behaviour Day

Last week we had a special day to look at behaviour across school. We interviewed children, spent time looking at the playground and visited classes.

In interview children said that they enjoyed playing on the playground, especially skipping, basketball, football and dancing. They said that most behaviour was good, although sometimes the boys could be a bit rough in their play. The older children talked about how children's reactions to problems on the playground sometimes cause a problem, however having a place for time out to calm down really helps. Children feel safe in school and trust adults to sort out any problems they are having or fall outs with friends. Lunchtime and playtime behaviour was very good. The lunchtime games really help pupils to have fun and learn team work.


Class lessons:
Year 6 showed excellent behaviour and were confidently involved in their lesson on grammar. We've set a target of being more organised in having equipment ready at the beginning of a lesson.


Year 5 concentrated very well on their learning and were keen to know how to improve. It was lovely to see our value of trust being demonstrated by pupils working together. We've set a target for some pupils not to shout out answers in their enthusiasm.


Year 4 worked really well and were taking a lot of care with their presentation. We've set a target for everyone to sit carefully on their chairs.


Year 3's behaviour was immaculate, really well done. The children were very confident in asking for help to make their work even better.


Year 2 were very busy and their lesson was full of enjoyment. Children were really focused and keen to share their learning. We've set a target for everyone to concentrate hard on completing their tasks.


Year 1 were very grown up working in small groups and it was pleasing to see some children taking a lead. Every child was busy.


Reception class listened really well to one another and spoke confidently. It was lovely to see the adults helping children who are more shy to join in.