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Today everyone has been very busy with maths across school.
Rec - Mrs Ogden has been teaching the class about telling the time and they have been using different ways of measuring time - sand timers, stop watches and clocks.
Y1 - The class have been learning about counting in lots and some children have started working on multiplication.
Y2 - Mrs Deakin had the children solving some tricky number puzzles using addition and subtraction.
Y3 - The class were learning the columnĀ method of addition for hundreds, tens and units.
Y4 - Mr Puckey was introducing decimal numbers.
Y5 - Everyone was busy solving fractions of amounts.
Y6 - Mr Lawrenson had everyone thinking with puzzles finding angles in shapes.

If you would like to help at home you can practise times tables and give children opportunity to use money and tell the time