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Purple Phonics group

Start with practising your tricky words today on the tricky word trucks. Click on the link to go into Phonicsplay. Username: jan21 Password: home

Then choose tricky words phase 5a and practise reading your tricky words.

Today, we are starting to look at alternative pronunciations of graphemes that you have already learned. An alternative pronunciation is a different way of saying a grapheme.

Today's focus is the alternative pronunciation of 'i'.

Watch the video below and when the teacher asks you to write something down, then follow the instruction and do this on paper in your books.

Phase 5 Phonics: Alternative pronunciations 'i'

Finally, look at the activity sheet below and sort the words out into the alternative pronunciations. You can either do this on the sheet or in your books, by asking and adult to draw two columns for you. You can then use the words on the sheet to write into the correct columm.