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Purple phonics group

Today, we are going to practise our tricky words again in phase 5a. Remember, tricky words are words that we read on sight and can't be sounded out phonetically.

First, practise reading the words in phase 4 on the tricky word trucks in phonicsplay, on the link below (username: jan21, password: home)

Next, use the video below to practise spelling the tricky words in phase 5a. Follow the instructions on the video and practise writing the words down, that the teacher says and reading the sentences.

Phonics - Phase 5 Tricky words 1

Phonics - Phase 5 Tricky words 1

Finally, ask your adult to give you some sentences to write, using 2 or 3 of the tricky words that you have practised today. Listen to them carefully and write the sentences in your books, taking care to spell the tricky words carefully.