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Friday 8th January

Hello it’s Mrs.Howarth. Each Friday morning I have the pleasure of teaching RE to Year 1. Even though we are not in the classroom, I won’t miss out, as I still get to set you your activity. If you have any questions, concerns or problems please don’t hesitate to contact me by sending me a Dojo.

Our new RE (religious Education) topic is ‘Jesus was special’.

This is our first lesson on this topic. Today our focus is on friends and friendship.

Talk to your adult and tell them what you think a friend is.

Watch this short video about some famous friends you may have seen from the movies. Which are your favourites?

Talk with your adult about the questions below.

How do we make friends?

Who are your special friends?

What makes a person a good friend?

How do you show that you are a good friend?

What activities do you do with your friends? 

Draw a picture of your special friends. Underneath your picture write a sentence to tell me where you met them and a sentence to tell me why they are your friend.

I don’t mind if you draw it, paint it, use pencils or felt tips. Or if you want to draw a picture on your device. If you want to you could use Purplemash and the paint program. Whichever way you decide, please send it to me on your dojo portfolio so that I can see your lovely friends. You may even earn yourself a Dojo!

Here is a good song about friends that you may enjoy listening to end your RE lesson about friendship