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Signs of New Life

Today, in our R.E. lesson, we are thinking about the signs of new life we can find in Spring.  

First of all, read or ask an adult to read the story of 'Brenda's boring egg' on the lesson presentation powerpoint below.


Now you have read the story, chat with your adult about the importance of the eggs in the story and why the mummies were so excited to meet the ducks.

Next,  think about:-

Which special festival we celebrate each year, where eggs are an important symbol?


Then, open the Powerpoint Lesson presentation about signs of new life to find out more and what the shape of an egg means to Christians.

Signs of New Life Lesson Presentation Powerpoint

Finally, go outside with an adult (if you can) and see if you can hunt for any signs of new life around (flower buds, leaf buds, shoots of plants, young animals etc). You can pretend to be an explorer and take a magnifying glass with you or binoculars ( if you have them).

What do you think that you might hunt for, as we are moving towards Spring? Discuss this with your adult


Complete the activity sheet below, by drawing pictures on top of the grass scene of what you found and answer the question at the end.


You might like to take some photographs instead to show your findings.