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This week for RE, I want you to think about Easter. 


We are currently in the period of Lent. In the Christian calendar, Lent is the period of 40 days leading up to Easter! Last week, you had a good think about Lent and what you could give up, just like Jesus gave up so many things in the desert! 


We know that at Easter, we get chocolate eggs because eggs are the symbol of new life! But do you really know what Easter is and why it is one of the most important Christian festivals? Give the video below a watch to find out all about it!

The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World

After watching the video, I would like you to think about why Easter is considered to be on of the most important Christian festivals!! Discuss this with an adult at home and share your thoughts with me if you like!

Your main task for today is to re-tell the story of Easter in your own way! 

You can write this, draw it, you could even act it out and send me a video on dojo! It's completely up to you how you tell the story of Easter.


Whichever way you do decide to do this, please share it with me!

I have also set a nice extra (optional) activity on Purple Mash! There is a video to watch and then some writing on there! 'Oakley and Brody's Easter'.