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Geography - be a weather forecaster!

Geography - Being a weather forecaster - practical role-play

Today, I would like you to pretend to be a weather forecaster.

  • Think about the weather map that you made on Tuesday and the weather forecasting videos that you watched. Use your weather map to do your own weather forecast.
  • Weather forecasts are sometimes called weather reports and are not normally written down, but are spoken to an audience (like we do in show and tell).
  • To speak the words, you need to write down a plan. Use the 'weather forecasting frame' and 'word bank' to write down what you will say and how you will carry out the role-play.
  • You will need to describe the weather in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Then pretend to be today's weather forecaster and tell your adult at home what the weather is like.

It would be brilliant if your adult could record you and put your video on your portfolio! Have fun!

(There is a paper U.K. map and symbols below if you want to use these too)