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Our new RE topic is ‘Jesus, friend to everyone’

Jesus made friends with everyone.

He made time to speak to everyone, especially those who were considered by others, as not worthy of being spoken to by anyone

This reminds Christians of Jesus’ love for people of all ages and from any social background.

Each week we will have a different Bible story to show who Jesus was friends with.


This week's focus is Jesus and children.


In Jesus' time children were not thought of with any high regard. So when people brought their children to be blessed by Jesus other adults would try to stop them. However, Jesus told them to let the children come to him so that he could bless them.

Watch this short animated video about how Jesus was friends to children.

Have a look at the pictures of Jesus with Children

Remember in those days there were no cameras. Each of these pictures is what an artist thought it may have looked like to see Jesus with children. Some of the pictures are done by artists and some are posed as photographs – to make it look from the times of Jesus.


Which pictures do you think truly reflect Jesus’ actions and teaching and why? Discuss it with your adult.



Draw a picture (you could do this on paper, or on screen) to show what you think it may have looked like if Jesus were with children. What do you think they would have been doing? Where would they have been?


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