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It's my pleasure to set your RE task for today. We are learning more about friends today. If you have any difficulties, or any questions please send me a dojo.



Our RE topic this half term is ‘Jesus was special’.


Last week our focus was on friends and how we made friends.

This week we are going to look at friends, but rather than thinking about our own friends, we are going to look at the friends of Jesus.

Jesus had many friends but there were twelve men that he chose to be his special friends. This group are known as Jesus’ disciples.

Watch this video. A group of children have re-enacted a story from the Bible to tell how Jesus chose his disciples.

Have a chat about these questions with your adult.


I wonder what happened next?

I wonder why Jesus chose these men to be his friends? 

How did they feel when Jesus spoke to them?

Why did these men go with Jesus?

Why did they want to be Jesus’ special friend?

Would you have left everything and gone with Jesus? Why?

Let's find out the names of Jesus disciples, or friends.

I have attached a worksheet with each of the above disciples, but in a jumbled order. Use the sheet on the screen of all of the disciples with their names, to find out which disciple was which. Write the name of each disciple neatly (with a capital letter) in the box below the disciple.
Remember to send a copy of your activity to Mrs.Howarth