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Our RE topic is ‘Jesus, friend to everyone’

Last week we learned that Jesus made friends with everyone.

He made time to speak to everyone, especially those who were considered by others, as not worthy of being spoken to by anyone

This reminds Christians of Jesus’ love for people of all ages and from any social background.

Each week we will have a different Bible story to show who Jesus was friends with.

Last week’s focus was about Jesus and children.

This weeks focus is about people who were poorly or had diseases and how Jesus treated these people kindly.

The Bible story this week is, 'The Ten Lepers'.

Leprosy was a disease that affected people very badly in the olden days. Their was no cure for it and it was very contagious (that means that you could easily catch it). When people were infected with it, they were sent away, or quarantined, so that they wouldn't pass it on. They would feel sad and lonely at not being able to see their friends and family. Other people used to avoid them, in order to stop themselves from getting ill with leprosy. Watch the videos to find out how Jesus treated these poorly people. 

Watch the video of the Bible story, to find out Jesus healed 10 men.

This is a Lego version of the story

Think about the video and have a chat with your adult:

What was their life like before?

What was their life like after they were healed?

Why did Jesus stop and help them?

Why is saying thank you so important?

Do you always remember to say thank you?

Why did the other lepers forget?

Finally have a go at this activity. Think about what you are thankful for.