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Good morning Year 1. I hope you are all well.


Our RE topic this half term is ‘Jesus was special’.


At first we looked at friends and how we made friends.

Then we found out about Jesus’ friends. We learned that Jesus had 12 special friends called disciples. Can you remember the name of any of the disciples?

Last week we found out about God performing a miracle. We heard the story Jesus calms the storm. Can you remember what happened?


This week we are going to learn about another miracle which Jesus performed. Can you remember what a miracle is?

Watch the Bible Story. Jesus Feeds 5000

Here is the Lego animated version of Jesus feeds 5000


Have a chat with your adult...


I wonder what the most important part of this story is?

I wonder what it would have felt like to have been there?

I wonder what would have happened if there had been nobody with a picnic to share?

I wonder what happened to the little boy?


Can you think of 1 question that you would like to ask about how Jesus fed the 5000?

Can you think of 1 question you would like to ask Jesus?

Today you can choose which activity you would like to do.


1 is a colouring activity.

1 is a making activity (You will need play doh/plastecine or kinetic sand)

1 is a sequencing activity. Where you put the pictures into the order of the story.


I can't wait to see which one you choose!

This is the colouring activity. The link for the sheet is below.

This is the making activity. The template hands are below.

This is the sequence activity. The link for the sheet is below.