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Our RE topic this half term is ‘Jesus was special’.

At first we looked at friends and how we made friends.

Then we found out about Jesus’ friends. We learned that Jesus had 12 special friends called disciples.

Can you remember the name of any of the disciples?

After that we found out about God performing a miracle. We heard the story 'Jesus calms the storm'. Can you remember what happened?

Last week we learned that Jesus fed 5000 with just 2 fish and 5 loaves.

This week we are going to find out about a miracle Jesus performed at a wedding.

Have you been to a wedding or a party?

What happened? 

Did they run out of food or drink?

If they had what would have happened? 

Jesus Turns Water into Wine In The Wedding At Cana

I know you enjoy the Lego version of the stories, so here it is...

How was the wedding in Cana different to the wedding or party you attended? 

Why do you think Jesus performed the miracle?

Here is an easy way to turn water into wine. If you don't have red food colouring, you could use Vimto or Ribena.

Create your own miracle with 3 toilet rolls

Colour the picture, snip the dotted lines. Colour one of the middle parts of the strip blue, and the other red. Slide it into the slot. Hey presto, you can turn water into wine.