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This half term in our RE lessons our topic has been

‘Jesus was Special’.

Today is our last day on this topic.


We have been learning about Jesus and the special ‘powers’ he had so that he could perform miracles. We also learned about Jesus’ friends, his disciples, and how they were with him when he performed his miracles. We have listened to different stories from the New Testament in the Bible.


Can you remember any of the miracles that Jesus performed?


If not, the link below will help to jog your memory. There are a few extras, that we haven’t heard too:

Which was your favourite story or miracle? Draw a picture. Write a sentence to tell me why it was your favourite.


If you could perform just one miracle in your life, what would it be? Can you do a freeze frame of you pretending to perform your miracle? Take a photo, send it on dojo and see if I can guess what your miracle is.


Talk with your adults about these questions:

Why was Jesus able to perform miracles?

How do they show Christians he was special?

Why do you think that Jesus performed miracles for other people and not for himself?

What do you think that tells Christian’s about Jesus?

How do these stories show Jesus was the Son of God?


Christians believe that Jesus has the power to calm the storms in our lives today and that he will provide during times that feel hopeless.