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Reading Expectations

Year 2


In school your child will start the week with a Big Read lesson on a Monday. This teaches a reading skill which is then the focus within the child's reading for the rest of the week. We don't listen to children read independently (unless intervention is necessary in order to ensure progress is made). Your child participates within a weekly guided reading session.


Guided reading is when the teacher has a small group of children with a similar reading or comprehension ability. We each read the same text and have a lesson objective. We spend time decoding/reading/discussing/predicting/understanding. I strive to listen to your child read once per week within our guided reading lessons (some weeks this may be disrupted as a result of additional school events).


Children should be reading at home to an adult a minimum of 3 times per week. Watch out for the tabs stuck into your child's reading diary as these let you know our big read focus. This time is crucial in order to ensure your child is reading words correctly, and being encouraged to self correct to ensure they are accurate. The children also need to understand what they are reading. In terms of the feelings and emotions of the characters, the events of the story, any new words or phrases that they don't know.


By the summer term children should be reading at gold or white level and accessing Project X Level 9 or 10. The expectation is that they should be reading 90words per minute (fluently, confidently and accurately). Children should have completed phase 5 phonics and some of phase 6, as well as most of the Year 2 high frequency list (now called Common Exception Words).


Other reading expectations include:

Children should apply their phonic knowledge to decoding words when reading and should be encouraged to do this independently.

They should listen to a range of stories making comparisons and beginning to use inference and deduction to discuss characters and events.

Children can find information in non-fiction texts using index and contents.

Children can read an appropriate level paragraph and find answers to literal questions.

They are beginning to use text and pictures to find clues to make deductions.