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Good Morning!

Phonics each day will be set by Mrs.Howarth. If you have any problems, concerns or questions don't hesitate to contact me via Dojo. I will also mark your child's phonics work and provide their feedback.

Tuesday 12th January

Today’s phonics focus is to practise segmenting (splitting a word into different sounds) and blending (putting sounds back together to make a word). This is a super important skill that you were starting to get so good at just before Christmas.

1. Let’s start by having a go at reading those tricky words that we listened to yesterday. Some support may be required at first to read the words. Press the cross and the word will pop up again, see if you can read it the next time around.

The path way is phonics play - resources – phase 3 – Tricky word truck – phase 2 tricky words (it’s good to revisit words we haven’t done for a while!). Once you have designed your truck, press go and read the word that drives up. If you read it straight away, correctly, then your adult can give you a tick. If you struggle to read the word, or don’t remember it quickly, then your adult should give a cross. Those words which are crossed will keep appearing, as extra practise, until it is given a tick. If you want to impress me and earn a dojo, send me your score!

You will need the Username: jan21 and password: home

2. Now let’s practise blending and segmenting. Watch the video. Sound out the letters and put all of the sounds together to make the word. This is a super important skill

3. Finally play this game. It focuses just on the last sound in a word. This is the sound that we often struggle with. Send me your score as a dojo message, to receive a dojo! The link is below