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Good Morning!

Phonics each day will be set by Mrs.Howarth. If you have any problems, concerns or questions don't hesitate to contact me via Dojo. I will also mark your child's phonics work and provide their feedback.

Monday 11th January

Today’s phonics focus is to practise segmenting (splitting a word into different sounds) and blending (putting sounds back together to make a word).

1. Let’s start with a bit of singing this morning. Here is the Tricky Word Song. Remember tricky words are tricky because when we sound them out, it doesn't say the word. We must learn these as sight words.

2. Now let’s practise blending and segmenting. Watch the video and join in to guess the animal by blending the sounds back together.

3. Finally, play I spy with your adult. Use the sheet below. Choose a picture, but don't tell your adult which one. Just tell them the sound it starts with. Can they guess your picture?

Send me a dojo message to tell me who won the most in 'I spy'. I will reward you with a Dojo!