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Today, we are going to be learning all about food chains!


A food chain shows the order in which living things depend on each other for food! The following video will explain a little more about food chains, and the roll that animals and plants play. There are a few tricky words, so don't worry about remembering them all.

Food Chains - Real World Science on the Learning Videos Channel

Hopefully, this video helped you to learn a bit about food chains! It was important that you hear all of the information broken down like that, and see images from the real world! There is a lot of information, so watch the video in the next link. It breaks it down into a shorter video!
Now, have a go at this game! This game will let you build food chains in a woodland habitat! There's lots of different levels, so try unlocking as many as you can! You need to find the producers and consumers. 

Now, have a go at the activity below! 

The food chains on the first page of the document are all mixed up! I have struggled to put them in the correct order, starting with the producer. Can you help me to put them into the correct order? Don't forget to add the arrows shown on the example on the second page of the document! 


You don't need to print out, cut or stick these sheets. You can simply write out the date and learning question, and write out the food chains underneath. If you wish to draw the living things, feel free! But don't forget to label the name too.