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We are starting our new Science topic this week - Plants! 

To get us into the right frame of mind, and to get us excited for this new topic, we are going to start the day off with a simple, yet really fun science experiment! 


This is the magic flower experiment! Don't worry if you have already done this experiment before, it never gets old!


You will need:

  • A bowl of water
  • Paper
  • Pen 
  • Scissors

First, you need to draw out a simple flower. This can be any size you want. 

Here is an example of how you could draw your flower:

This is only an example, draw your flower however you like but it needs to have petals!

After you have done this, you need to cut out your flower really carefully! You can colour in the flower, write messages or decorate it however you like!


Now, this is the most important step: 

  • Fold all the petals into the middle so it looks something like this:

Next is the fun part! 


Before you do this, I would like you to predict what you think is going to happen when you drop the flower into the water. A prediction is something that scientists use a lot! They give you a chance to think about what might happen during the experiment. Please do this in your topic books: 


Monday 22nd February 2021

Magic flower experiment


Finish this sentence in your book:


When I drop my flower in the water, I predict that....

Now, drop your flower into the water (petals facing upwards) and watch the magic happen! 


Underneath your prediction in your books, I would like you to now draw a picture and/or write a sentence about what happened! 

Watch the video to learn about the Science behind this experiment. This links in with one of our previous topics of 'materials', but also gets us excited for this topic too!

How to Make Magic Blooming Flowers

As an extension, you can experiment with different sizes of flowers, different types of paper, different shapes of flowers, etc! It's completely up to you - this is a chance for you to really experiment and have fun!