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When we are all back together in school, we will be doing something really fun to do with our new topic of 'plants' - something to look forward to!



Today, we are going to explore the topic and the vocabulary (words) that we use when exploring plants! 


Firstly, I would like you to watch this video to find out what a plant needs to survive! The funny thing is, plants a pretty similar to us and need similar things to survive!

What do plants need to survive? | Primary Biology - Plants

Now, in your pink books, can you answer the following questions?: 


Monday 1st March 2021

Can I explore plants and what they need to survive?


  • What are the four main things that a plant needs to survive? 


  • Why do you think that plants need space?
Now, have a watch of this next quick video to find out a little bit about the parts of a plant!

Parts of a plant | Primary Biology - Plants

Now, I want you to have a go at finishing these sentences in the picture/document below. The words you need are at the bottom, and the most important thing to know is that you can only use each word once!


Write out the completed sentences in your book!