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Thursday 20th Jan


Recap your phase 3 sounds that we have been learning using the flashcards from the youtube video below.


Watch the video again and this time, try to say them quicker, then in a squeaky voice, then in a scary voice.


On paper, ask an adult to read the words out below (no peeking!) and have a go at spelling our harder to spell words:


  • ball, tall, they, all, are, was, her, my, you, we, me, be

Phonics Phase 3 Flash Cards

Lesson 2- English Comprehension-

Today, we are looking at the texts: The Sick Dragon/Skip the Shark


Read through the practice test first (The Sick Dragon) with an adult. If there are any words that you are struggling with, remember to sound them out with your robot arms and use your blending hands! 

Once you have read the whole practice text, can you now have a go at answering these questions?


1. Why was Kevin King sad?

2. What did Carlos have to do to get better?

3. Why did the King give the vet the bag of coins?


Now, have a go at reading Skip and the Shark with an adult in the same format as the practice text.

On page 2 of the document, there are some questions for you to have a go at answering. Remember to read the questions carefully!


Today in Maths we are going to be looking at using number facts up to 10 to solve problems.



Have a go at working out this problem.


Liz had 10 daffodils. Only 4 of the daffodils grew. How many daffodils did not grow? How can we show this as a sum? How did you work it out? 


Main teaching:

Have a look at the photo below. There are five frogs sitting on a log. Two more frogs jump on.

  • How many are sitting on the log now?
  • How many will be on the log?
  • What number sentence can we write to go with this?
  • Do we need to count on or do we know five add two?


Now close your eyes. We are doing ‘shut-your-eyes’ sums. Keep your eyes closed and imagine three frogs on a log, then two more getting on. Can you show with your fingers how many are on the log now?


Well done! You can do ‘shut-your-eyes’ sums! Repeat this, imagining four frogs on the log and three more getting on.


Have a look at the second photo. There are six frogs on the log, three jump-off.

  • How many are left on the log? 
  • Do we need to add or subtract this time?


Close your eyes and imagine five frogs on a log. Two jump off. Show me with your fingers, how many are on the log now. We can’t always act out stories like this, but we can use cubes/counters and pretend they are people, or use our fingers. Repeat one story using counting equipment, then fingers, to represent the frogs.


On a Thursday afternoon, we have Miss Nuttall who teaches us RE. Our topic is 'Jesus being special' and last week we discussed Jesus being a good friend and what this means. The lesson this week focuses on the calling of the 12 disciples. Have a watch of the video below about Jesus calling Peter.

Jesus Calls Peter

This Bible story is based on Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 5:1-11, and Mark 1:16-20.

Then, we have some questions we are going to discuss. Consider these at home as we will be referring back to them throughout the topic.  

  • I wonder why Jesus picked these men to be his friends?
  • How did they feel when Jesus spoke to them?
  • Why did these men go with Jesus?
  • Why did they want to be Jesus' special friend?
  • Would you have gone with Jesus? Why? Why not?


Your task is then to create a postcard that Peter would send to his family or friends telling them what happened. This can be a drawing depicting Peter's emotion when he first met Jesus and also when the fishing net came up full of fish. Then, write some words around it which match up. It doesn't have to full sentences it can be simple words, nouns, adjectives or adverbs relating to the picture.


In PE, we have just started our new topic 'Dance' with coach Josh. Have a go at busting some moves at home with this dance workout! Can you learn the routine off by heart? Can you show it off to your parent/carer? What would they rate you out of 10?

Just Dance! PE at Home for Kids| Get Moving with Rupal #2

Just dance! Have fun with Rupal with this second home PE exercise video for kids! Dancing is one of the most fun, best ways to enjoy exercise and get moving!...