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Today, you are going to be artists and have a go at drawing a self-portrait. Watch the powerpoint below, which will explain more about what this means and how to do it. There is a video too at the bottom of the page, that you might like. You will need an adult to help you draw some faint lines, so you know where to draw some things. If your adult thinks that the lines might make drawing too tricky for you, they can just help, by pointing out whereabouts you might need to draw some things.

When you come to draw, think about using some of the shapes that you know and have had a go at in school. You will be using some ovals to draw today and some curved shapes! 

Remember, we never worry when we draw, if something goes wrong, because we can just rub it out or start again! Real artists do this too. The more they practise the better they get at drawing and colouring.

You might like to practise drawing different shapes of eyes, noses and mouths on a piece of paper before your start your portrait, so that you can practise getting the right shape.

Self-portait powerpoint

Here are some step by step help sheets. They will help you as you draw.

Mrs Poole's top tip!

If you hold your pencil further up, you can make fainter lines when you draw your shapes for your portrait. These can be rubbed out easily, if you make a mistake.

Holding the pencil lower down, makes deeper and darker lines, that can't always be rubbed out. Practise holding the pencil both ways and making lines, so you can see the difference.

Art With Trista - 1st Grade Self-Portraits - Step By Step

Here is a video, as well of how to do a self-portrait, if you would like more help. It has a different way of finishing a portrait, that you may like!
Choose the best way for yourself.