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It is time for Science today! 


Last week, you explored and compared things that are living, dead or have never been alive! You all worked so well at this from what I have seen. Keep up the good work! 


Today, you are going to be thinking about habitats. Watch the video below to find out more! 

Habitats - Real World Science

Watch this video to find out all about habitats and what they are!

After watching the video, use the date and  learning question below in your blue books and answer the 3 questions!


Monday 18th January 2021

Can I explore what a habitat is?

  1. What is a habitat?
  2. What does a habitat provide for animals and plants?
  3. Can you name 3 different types of habitat?


Don't forget to come back for the next bit of your activity! 


Now watch this shorter video!
In the video, it talks about bears and how different bears are suited to different habitats. I want you to really focus on the polar bear and the panda bear!

Hopefully, you have watched the video and focused on 2 of the 3 bears that it discusses. The polar bear and the panda bear. They are both bears, but they are completely different! They have different habitats, they eat different things and they look different. 


Your task is to compare these two bears using the template in the document below.

  • Turn a new page in your book
  • Turn your book horizontally
  • Split your page into 2
  • Try your hardest copy the layout and follow the instructions 

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