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Our RE topic is ‘Jesus, friend to everyone’


Last week we learned that Jesus made friends with everyone.

He made time to speak to everyone, especially those who were considered by others, as not worthy of being spoken to by anyone

This reminds Christians of Jesus’ love for people of all ages and from any social background.


Each week we will have a different Bible story to show who Jesus was friends with.


The first week back we learned about about Jesus and children.

Last weeks focus was about people who were poorly or had diseases, specifically a horrible disease called leprosy.

This week we will learn about how Jesus treated people where one of their senses was not working properly – for example people who can’t see, can’t hear or can’t talk. This is called blind, deaf and mute.

Watch this Bible story about a man named Bartimaeus who was unable to see. He was blind.

Ask an adult to help you to blindfold your eyes (you could use a tea towel) No peeping!

Can you walk around a room without tripping over or banging into things?

 If your adult asks you to get something from within the room, are you able to find it?

How did it feel when you lost your sense of sight?

Could you manage without the help of your adult?


There is no need to write these answers down - just have a chat with your adult.

Have a chat to your adult...

Every day people walked passed and ignored Bartimaeus. On that day, Jesus took notice. Jesus saw him, listened and helped. Why do you think he did this?

I wonder how Bartimaeus felt when Jesus spoke to him?


Today I have a craft activity.

Make Bartimaeus and just like Jesus, heal him, so that he can see.

Blind Man Craft

If you are unable to print please let me know and I will get a copy of the craft activity to you, for you to complete another day.