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Science - Observing animals


Last week, in Science, you learnt about your human body. Did you know that humans are a type of animal? Today, you are going to learn more about animals and the type of animal that we are. This is the first of a couple of different lessons that we are going to do about animals.


Work through the powerpoint to find out more. Then do the activity to find some animals around school or your home, if you can go out. If you can't go out, then think about the different animals around your home and where you find them, so that you can still complete the activity sheet and name the animals.


There is some other information to help you - an animal groups key and a knowledge organiser. We won't use all of the words on the knowledge organiser today, but you will learn about them in the next set of lessons. There is also a reasoning card about animals around somebody else's school, if you want to chat to an adult about it.

Observing animals powerpoint presentation