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It's time for Science today! 

We have learned a lot about habitats, but today we are thinking about microhabitats. Watch the video below to find out more!

Minibeasts and Their Microhabitats

Watch this video to find out a bit about minibeasts and their microhabitats

Monday 1st February 2021

Can I explore microhabitats?


Answer the following questions in your book: 


1. What is a microhabitat?

2. What might you find in a microhabitat?

Minibeasts in your back garden

Watch this video to find out how to look for minibeasts and microhabitats in your back garden! You will be having a go at this today!

So, you have 2 options for today's activity! 

You can choose activity 1: matching a minibeast to its microhabitat


You can choose activity 2: going on a minibeast hunt around some local microhabitats! This could be in your garden or finding different microhabitats in a local park.