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Today, it is time for Science!! 

We are going to be exploring our new topic today. This topic is called 'Living things and their habitats'. 


The first thing we are going to look at is being able to identify whether something is living, dead or has never been alive! 


Watch the video below which will introduce this for you! 

Now, have a look through the PowerPoint below!

This PowerPoint will give you a little more detail about this topic, and will also go through the seven life processes. We can use these 7 life processes to identify whether something is alive or not! 

Before you complete the activity below, I would like you to create a quick poster about MRS GREN. 


If you complete this poster in your books, you will always have it to look at throughout our Science lessons, should you need it! You will need it for today's activity. So make sure that you write it nice and big and use some eye-catching colours if you can! 

Now, here is your activity. 

The date and learning question are there on the document for you! 

Use MRS GREN to help you with this one, but you may also need to use your amazing brains too for some of your answers!!!! 

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