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Computer Studies

Today, you are going to make another pictogram on Purplemash.

Before you do this, you are going to do an experiment to see how many times you can throw different numbers on a die (dice). Roll the die 20 times and write down on the 'throw a dice' sheet or on paper, which numbers you get each time.

If you don't have any dice at home, you can still do this experiment, by numbering some pieces of paper from 1 to 6 and mixing them up. Turn them over, so you can't see them and pick one up. Note down which number you get, then mix them up again and carry on turning them over (|20 times) to see which numbers you get. Write the numbers down each time, either on paper or on the 'throw a dice' sheet.


Once you have done this , you are ready to make your pictogram on purplemash. You will need to count up how many times you threw number 1, how many times you threw number 2 , 3, 4, 5 ,6 and make a pictogram with your answers. 


Log onto Purplemash with your password and open the '2Do:2 count' that I have set. Follow the Pictogram instruction sheet, so you know how to make the pictogram with your answers from throwing your numbers.