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We are going to start a new topic on Purple Mash today - 'Creating Pictures'. You did such a fantastic job at creating music, so I can't wait to see how well you do in this topic! 


This weeks Purple Mash topic focus on Impressionism. Watch the following video to find out what type of art this is!

What is Impressionism? | Tate Kids

We are going to be using '2Paint a Picture' on Purple Mash.

This is a drawing tool that helps you to create various painting effects and combine these effects to make pictures. When the tool is first opened, you get a choice of painting effects. We will be looking at some of them during the next few lessons.

I have set '2Paint a picture' as a to-do on Purple Mash. 

Please follow the instructions in the following document!

You could create more than one picture if you like!