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Geography - The United Kingdom

Watch the video below on the BBC link to learn about the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom and their capital cities. Chat to your adult about which country Astley, Leigh and Manchester are in.

If you have an atlas at home, use this as well to look at the United Kingdom (U.K). Can you find the village, town or city where you live on the map of the U.K?

Next, open the short powerpoint to find out some more and look at the flags and National symbols used for each country. Open this in 'normal' mode, NOT slide show, so that your child is able to do the sorting activity, by dragging the countries, capital cities etc. into the correct place.



Next complete the activity sheet to label the U.K. with the 4 countries and their capital cities. There are 2 different sheets ranging in difficulty from the easiest. Choose which one you would like to do, but DO NOT do both. 

The sheets contain numbers to label the countries and capital cities (numbers 1 to 8). Then, if you want to have more of a challenge and you have an atlas at home, have a go at finding the seas around the U.K (numbered 9, 10, 11 and 12).

If you choose to complete the second sheet, there is also space in the 4 small squares to draw the flags for the 4 different countries.