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Geography - weather

There are 2 parts to your Geography/weather lesson today.The first part is about what is weather? Then there is a second part to make a weather map on Purplemash. You can do both today or spread them out and do some today and some tomorrow. You decide, depending on what is happening in your own home.


Activity 1

the Look at the lesson presentation powerpoint below, called 'What is the weather?' It includes a video about the weather around the U.K. to watch on the BBC website:


Lesson Presentation - What is weather?

Then, go outside and look at the weather today and think about the weather yesterday. Start to fill out 'My weather record activity sheet' for what the weather is like today and what it was like yesterday

You will be checking the weather each day and then you can carry on filling out the sheet through the week to see if the weather changes.

Activity 2

Open the lesson presentation powerpoint below about the weather forecast and work through it to look at a weather forecasting video.

Then, make your own weather map on Purplemash. I have allocated you a 2DO for this. Log on with your password. If you have forotten it, send me a dojo message.


First, your adult will need to read the instructions of how to do it on Purplemash to help you. I have put them on below.

Remember to save your work, when you have finished, so I can see it on Purplemash. Remember, you are just pretending to make up the weather for the different countries in the U.K. (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). Have fun!

Lesson presentation- weather forecasting and purplemash instructions