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Writing Expectations

What should my writing look like in Year 5? 

In Year 5, it is expected that your writing should:


  • be more than an A4 side of writing
  • be accurate and creative
  • use high level vocabulary 
  • use figurative language  
  • use paragraphs  
  • use the majority of punctuation, including speech and commas should be correct
  • show a mix of narrative techniques such as action, dialogue, description and flashback


In non-fiction writing the organisational style and voice should match the genre. As you write you should be aware of who the audience will be and how this may alter your writing. 


You will use cursive handwriting, taking your time to ensure all letters are joint together. This may take lots of practice but it is really important that your handwriting is clear to read by everyone. 


In class we will be working on these aspects throughout the year