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Writing Expectations

In Year 2 we work hard to ensure that letter formation is correct and consistent. It is important that the children are able to join their writing neatly and accurately all of the time by the summer term. We expect neat presentation and handwriting at all times and ask parents to encourage this at home too. Any home work which is completed is expected to be the same standard of handwriting used within class.


We learn a lot of grammatical terms in Year 2. We are expected to be able to identify these in reading and use them in writing...





expanded noun phrase

past tense

present tense


multi clause sentence


statement (sentence)

exclamation (sentence)

command (sentence)

question (sentence)

apostrophe for contraction

apostrophe for omission


By the end of Year 2 the children MUST be able to write in sentences which have consistent capital letters (for the beginnings of sentences, names of people and months) and end with a punctuation mark. We spend the first half term revising over what a sentence is (A group of words which make sense, give 1 idea, start with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark). We practise adding missing punctuation to sentences and short paragraphs and are expected to use punctuation marks at the end of every sentence within our writing.


As part of the new curriculum which was introduced in 2014, spellings gained increased importance. The children are expected to spell the below words correctly in their writing.


It is vital that you support your child to learn and retain the spellings which are sent home. As this will support them to reach the expected standard by the end of Year 2.

In order to retain the spellings your child should practise their spellings for a few minutes each day. It is expected that your child will spell all of the words correctly within our weekly spelling tests.