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Yellow group phonics

Phonics - 'ea'

We have already learnt the digraph 'ee' in the words - bee, feet, meet etc. Today, we are learning the same sound, but with an alternative (different) spelling of 'ea' in the word sea and seal. As we work through phase 5 phonics, you will learn more alternative spellings of ee.

The action for today's sound is to pretend you are a seal and clap your flippers together.

First, click on the phonicsplay weblink and choose tricky word trucks, phase 5a and practise reading the tricky words.

Then watch the video all about the 'ea' sound.


Phase 5 Phonics 'ea'

Join with Felix and learn phase 5 phonics at home all about the 'ea' sound!

Next, complete the activity sheet (answers below for parents)

Answer sheet for parents