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Yellow phonics group

Start your phonics today, by clicking on the phonicsplay link and play 'Train your brain'. Choose the words on phase 5a to click on and practise.

Username is: jan21

Password: home


Next, watch the video to learn today's sound 'ue' This can make 2 different sounds. It makes the sound of 'oo' , or it can say the sound of 'yoo'. We have 2 different actions.

The action for the 'oo' sound is to pretend you have a glue stick in one hand and your other hand is the piece of paper. Pretend to spread the glue stick on the piece of paper.

The action for the 'yoo' sound is to put your hands together and move them from your shoulders and stretch them out in front of you. You are creating a long queue with your arms.

Phase 5 Phonics for Kids #7 'ue'

Join with Felix and learn phase 5 phonics at home to learn all about the 'ue' sound! .

Finally, complete the activity sheet. Remember, you don't need to print if off. Use it on your device or just write the words on paper.