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Tuesday 12th January

Today’s phonics focus is to revise the digraphs ai, ee, igh, oa ( A digraph is 2 letters that say one when they are together).

1. Let’s start by impressing your adult with reading those tricky words that we listened to yesterday (follow the link below)

The path way is phonics play - resources – phase 4 – Tricky word truck – phase 3 tricky words (it’s good to revisit words we haven’t done for a while!). Once you have designed your truck, press go and read the word that drives up. If you read it straight away, correctly, then your adult can give you a tick. If you struggle to read the word, or don’t remember it quickly, then your adult should give a cross. Those words which are crossed will keep appearing, as extra practise, until it is given a tick. If you want to impress me and earn a dojo, send me your score!

You will need the Username: jan21 and password: home

2. Now let’s practise digraphs that we have already learnt, but need to jog our memories after the Christmas break. Show your adult the action for ai, ee, igh, oa. Now watch the video to jog those memories

3. Next have a go at the worksheet to practise reading and spelling today’s digraphs – ai, ee, igh, oa.

There is no expectation to print off any of the sheets. You can print, write onto the sheet on your device, write onto a piece of paper, or in a work book and send a picture, or simply spell the words/sentences onto Dojo and send. Do whichever works best for you.


Phonics is a crucial skill for your child. Please ensure that these activities are completed independently, although they may help to understand what to do, they must read and write the sounds by themselves in order to practise these crucial skills. At this stage we do not expect that words are spelled correctly, but are spelled phonetically.