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Come and meet the staff at our school.
Our Reception class teacher is Mrs Ogden. Mrs Newton, Mrs Young and Mrs Halliday are the classroom assistants in Reception. Mrs Ogden leads RE across our school. Mrs Newton choreographs our dance teams. Mrs Young runs our Infant Outdoor learning, and Mrs Halliday runs 'the den' at lunchtime.
Our Y1 teacher is Mrs Poole. The class teaching assistants are Mrs Stephens and Mrs Killeen. Mrs Poole runs our eco warrior team, and Mrs Killeen is a lunchtime assistant in Year 6.
Mrs Howarth is our Y2 teacher and Mrs Mee is our teaching assistant.
Miss Quinn teaches our Year 3 class, and Miss Davison and Mrs Harvey are classroom assistants. Miss Quinn is responsible for the arts throughout school, and runs the art club. Mrs Harvey is the lunchtime assistant for year 4.
Our Y4 class is taught by Mr Puckey and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Mills. Mr Puckey is our deputy headteacher and leads maths and sport across school.
Mrs Deakin is our Y5 teacher and Miss Burgess is our teaching assistant. Mrs Deakin is responsible for computing throughout school. Miss Burgess is our CLA teaching assistant.
Mr Lawrenson is our Y6 teacher.  He leads English across school and runs the school council. Mrs Birchall is our Year 6 classroom assistant. She runs the  netball club.


Mrs Lowe is our Inclusion Manager, she works across school running interventions for pupils.

Miss Stratford is our Y1 lunchtime assistant and Mrs Sargent is Reception class lunchtime assistant.  All other classes are covered by other staff members. Miss Brennan is our lunchtime assistant in Year 5.
Mrs Wallace and Mrs Pitts are our admin officers and will answer the phone if you call with an enquiry. Mrs Wallce is also part of our outdoor learning team.
Mr Peacock is our site manager and Gill Rowley is our school cleaner.
As a school we are also very lucky to have a lot of volunteers who help with reading, displays, outdoor learning, the school garden and the library. Our volunteers come from lots of areas of the community - they are parents and grandparents, former staff, St Mary's sixth form students, trainee teaching assistants and members of our church.