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Let's start our Maths game by playing 'Hit the Button'. We have played this in class before! 

When you click 'Play Game', please then choose the green 'Number Bonds' button. From here, you can choose to 'Make 10', 'Make 20', or 'Make 100'. You could try all three if you fancy a challenge! 

Today, we are going to be using our known number facts to help us work out subtractions. 

So... What number facts do we know?


We have explored our number bonds to 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 20. 


Look at the following screen. This shows how we can use our number bonds to help solve additions and subtractions. This is called the inverse.

Here is another example, but with doubles!

Watch the video on the following link to help a little more!

Now, have a go at the following questions!

There is a pdf version if you wish to print...