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Now we have finished our performances, we will move onto starting to write some poetry! Watch the video below to hear our poem again!

All Are Welcome


Not all poetry has to rhyme, however this one does! So when we come to write our own poetry this week, we will be using rhyming words, just like our poet, Alexandra Penfold. 


Have a look at the poem written out on the document below. Can you identify all of the rhyming words in each stanza? Write the rhyming words down!

This poem is about a community in which everyone is welcome! 

So, we are going to write a poem about our school community at St Stephens. 


For your main task today, can you create a mind-map of all the positive things that you can think of about our school community. Don't just write one word, challenge yourself to turn your ideas into expanded noun phrases (2 adjectives and a noun). 


Here are some that I thought of to start you off!