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Hinning House 2018

This year we have a group of our year 6 pupils going to Hinning House from Monday 8th October until Friday 12th October. Mr Lawrenson and Mrs Wallace will be there all week, with Mrs Southern at the start of the week and Mrs Lowe at the end of the week.

Monday 8th October, 2018

The coach left school by 9.15am ready for the journey to Hinning House. We had a good journey and were at the centre by lunchtime. We met Bill and Charlie, who told us all about Hinning House, and Dave, who was cooking our food. Once all our bags were in the rooms, we had lunch. After lunch we split into our 2 activity groups, and got our rucksacks and waterproofs. We went out exploring the area. Bill's group had fun walking in the streams and bogs and exploring the woodland. Charlie's group made their way up a nearby crag- many of their group conquering their fear of heights. Back at Hinning House some children had a shower before tea. Sausage and mash  followed by fruit crumble. Delicious! In the evening Mrs Wallace lead the group on a night time walk. Everyone enjoyed being out with their torches. After a game of Bingo, hot chocolate and a story everyone made their way to bed. A great day all round.

Tuesday 9th October, 2018

Everyone was up bright and early, ready for breakfast at 8 o' clock. After a good breakfast of cereal, toast and bacon rolls we all got ourselves ready for the activities. Both groups met John today - who took us out to look at the trees native to the area. We spent time lopping down willow trees and replanting them elsewhere in the woodland. What a great opportunity to be part of the hundred year plan for the woodland in the area. For lunch we had soup and sandwiches, and then Bill and Charlie explained the plans for the afternoon. The groups were split and sent out with directions for a lone journey. They all had great fun making their way through fields, gates and over stiles. Our evening meal went down well tonight- chicken fajitas and rice, followed by chocolate brownie and ice cream. The evening was spent using torches to play the alien game around the grounds, playing noughts and crosses and having some supper. A great day. The weather is being really kind to us too. 

Wednesday 10th October, 2018

After another good breakfast everyone got ready to go out on a mountain walk. Both groups went out together in the minibuses. Everyone did a fantastic job challenging themselves to climb to the summit. The views were stunning. The descent was much quicker, and we were soon back at Hinning House enjoying Dave's pizza on the picnic benches at the front of the house. Just after lunch I said my goodbyes and set off on my journey back. At the same time Mrs Lowe set off up to Hinning House. The children spent the afternoon ghyll scrambling. Mrs Lowe made it just in time for tea.

Thursday 11th October, 2018

Today both groups have been over to Low Bank Ground  for kayaking and canoeing on Lake Coniston. Everyone had a great time. Some did end up in the water- I’ll leave them to tell you all about it. Mrs Wallace’s group have visited a cave mine today, and Mr Lawrenson’s group did a self-led walk. The plan for the evening is to pack (good luck with that!), do their star t-shirts and watch a film. Tomorrow some orienteering is planned, before they set off home. Looking forward to seeing them all back.






Friday 12th October, 2018

The last morning was spent on orienteering activities. Back to Hinning House for lunch, and it was soon time to set off back to Astley. By 1 o'clock the mini buses were loaded up, and we were ready to set off for the journey home. We said our goodbyes to Bill and Charlie before getting on the coach back to school. It was just after half past 3 when we were back home to meet our families. The end of a fantastic week, with lots of happy memories.