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Low Bank Ground 2017

Monday 6th November:

We waved goodbye to our year 6 pupils this morning as they set off for Low Bank Ground. They have arrived safely, and were all ready for their afternoon's activity. Rector Martin paid a surprise visit this afternoon.

Monday 6th November

Our Yr 6 pupils had great fun jumping in mud pools and clambering through pipes on their first afternoon walk at Low Ground Bank. The weather wasn't too good but when it did improve slightly and the clouds lifted enabling us to see Lake Coniston, there was a 'wow' moment as we appreciated the wonder of God's creation. Fun, friendship, adventure, and awe and wonder. A great afternoon.

Rector Martin

Tuesday 7th November:

The groups have all had a busy day at Low Bank Ground. Group 1 (with Mr Lawrenson) have had canoeing and conservation. Group 2 (with Miss Quinn) have had conservation and kayaking. Group 3 (with Mrs Birchall and Mrs Wallace) have had orienteering and kayaking. The groups have all just returned from a night walk in the forest.

Wednesday 8th November:

I spent the afternoon with everyone at Low Bank Ground. It was a beautiful, crisp Autumn afternoon. Two groups were on Lake Coniston in canoes and kayaks. They had a great time, and many of them finished the session jumping into the lake. Brrr. It was freezing! After a warm shower they were all ready to go for tea. Miss Quinn's group spent their afternoon ghyll-scrambling. A party was planned for the evening. Perfect timing for Mrs Wallace's birthday.

Thursday 9th November:

The final full day at Low Bank Ground has seen the groups doing a mixture of orienteering, ghyll scrambling, canoeing and a self led walk. This evening they have been packing (I hope you are ready for the washing coming home!) and are currently enjoying a pyjama film night. We look forward to seeing them all back tomorrow afternoon. Some stunning photographs of the views.

Friday  10th November:

Last activity of the week before lunch, and by 1.30pm they were on their way back to Astley. There was lots of excitement as the children rushed off the coach to meet their families. I'm sure they have lots to talk about. We are looking forward to hearing about it in school.