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Low Bank Ground 2019

This year Mr. Lawrenson, Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. Jones are heading to Low Bank Ground with 28 Y6 pupils. They leave on Monday 4th November and return on Friday 8th November. 

Monday 4th November

Lots of excited children, and some slightly nervous, met in the school hall this morning. Just after half past 9 the coach was loaded and ready to go. By 11 o'clock they had stopped at the services and were ready for the final part of the journey. Mrs Lowe let us know at 12 o'clock that they had arrived safely at Low Bank Ground. Keep checking for updates. 

Tuesday 5th November

All three groups were busy as soon as they had had lunch yesterday. Mr Lawrenson’s group went round the lake, Mrs Lowe’s group went fell-walking and Mrs Jones’ group went ghyll scrambling. This group got very wet, but loved it! Mrs Jones' group are seen here on the boat as they go off to do some conservation work. Looks like they are all having a great time. 

It sounds like they have had a great day today- a mix of orienteering, ghyll scrambling conservation work and fell-walking. A spot of Connect 4 before bedtime. 

Wednesday 6th November

A cold, wet and windy day for the group at Low Bank Ground today.  This didn't dampen spirits as they tackled the canoes, some conservation work, orienteering and kayaking. 

Thursday 7th November

A cold, wet morning at Low Bank Ground. All the children slept soundly - had to be woken up this morning! They all enjoyed a hearty breakfast before getting ready for their last full day. Happy birthday to the birthday boy!

After school Mrs Wallace and Mrs Southern made the journey up to Low Bank Ground. The children were enjoying a delicious roast dinner as we arrived. Perfect timing! The children have been busy telling us all about their adventures. The photos from the self led walk and Cathedral Cave are stunning. Film night tonight with hot chocolate and birthday cake. We are all looking forward to the final activities in the morning - kayaking, canoeing and self led walk. 

Friday 8th November, 2019

Breakfast at half past 8 and then everyone prepared for their activities. I joined Mr Lawrenson's group on the self-led walk. It was a beautiful morning, and the group enjoyed following the directions as they made their way along the edge of the lake. They were rewarded with an ice cream at the end of their walk. The other groups enjoyed their last morning on the kayaks and canoes. Activities over it was time to make sure everything was packed before lunch. After lunch the children said thank you to all the staff at Low Bank Ground and boarded the coach for the 2 hour journey back to Astley. Special thanks to Mr Lawrenson, Mrs Jones and Mrs Lowe for making sure everyone had a great week.